Hope and Peace Biblical Counseling
621 Depot Street, Harwich, MA 02645

Hope and Peace Biblical Counseling: A ministry of Cape Cod Bible Church 

Do you need help?

Life is fraught with difficulties.  Sometimes Christians face problems that are overwhelming.
  Hope and Peace Biblical Counseling offers biblical counseling at no charge to anyone desiring help in dealing with life’s problems.  Our ministry’s goal is to help Christians live life in such a way that they experience God’s blessings of hope and peace.  The application of God’s word to life’s struggles is the means to that end.

We believe that God has given us the Bible and in it is all we need to know Him.  The Scriptures are sufficient to inform us of all that is necessary for us to live in a way  that is pleasing to Him.  All our problems may not instantly go away, but when those problems are handled in a way consistent with God's instructions God promises to impart hope and joy and peace.

 Biblical Counseling Distinctives

   Biblical counseling is different from other methods of counseling.   
   Some of the distinctives of biblical counseling are:

Biblical counseling is God-centered.

Biblical counseling applies the Scriptures to life.

Biblical counseling exalts Christ (Col 1:28).

Biblical counseling seeks to facilitate change (Eph 4:22-24).

Biblical counseling is compassionate.

Biblical counseling relies on the work of the Holy Spirit and prayer.



   Hope and Peace Biblical Counseling offers counseling to  
   those in the Cape Cod area.  Our office is located at:

            Cape Cod Bible Church
            621 Depot Street
            North Harwich, MA

   Further information or to request an aappointment 
   please use the Contact Us page.

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